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Thursday, 24 October 2013

 Cold Sweat – Impossible is Nothing 
Peter van Kets - Extreme Endurance Adventurer

 The World and South Africa beyond 2013 - How a fox sees it
Clem Sunter - Motivational speaker & Sizwe Nxedlana - Chief Economist , First National Bank

 Reward next practices - How will we reward to engage and retain employees in the future?
Tom McMullen - Reward Practice Leader North America, Hay Group UK

 More than money: the 4 Drives
Marie-Claire Mclachlan -  Senior Business Director and Performance Improvement Consultant, Achievement Awards Group

 Can we really solve our problems by throwing money at it?
Estea Rademeyer - Industrial Psychologist, EOH Human Capital Solutions


 Using social media for effective communication to your work force
Mike Stopforth - CEO,  Cerebra


 Payroll Giving  
Dawie Crous - Trustee, The Giving Organisation


 Elementary introduction into Variable Pay
Martin Hopkins - Partner/Director, PwC


Friday, 25 October 2013

 Your sales compensation future: Why sales leadership needs your help
David Cichelli - Snr. Vice President, The Alexander Group Inc



 Talent Management - New generation Reward Strategy
Facilitated by : Dr Mark Bussin - Chairperson, 21st Century Pay Solutions -

 Elementary introduction into Reward Governance
Dr Ronel Nienaber - General Manager: Global Rewards and Benefits, Sasol


 John Gatherer - Co-author of the book 'I am Talent'

 Talent Management: New Generation Reward Strategy
Sue Vyvyan-Day - General Manager, Discovery

 Is it time to use Market Pricing?
Dianne Auld


 The changing face of African mobility
Simon Davies - K2 Corporate Mobility


 Total Reward Statements
Alan Burger - CEO, InfoSlips

Impact Recruitment, Retention, Productivity and ROI through Spouse/Partner Support
Susan Musich – Executive Director, Passport Career, LLC

 A creative and practical presentation on employee benefits including recent developments and practices
Jerry Botha - Director, Tax Consulting

 - Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet)
 - Flexible Benefits & New Retirement (Excel Spreadsheet)

 Reward Frontiers, Realities and Opportunities - Life as an Expat in the UAE
Tony Macrae - Executive Vice President, United Arab Bank

 Reward Practitioner of the Future
John Rubino - President, Rubino Consulting Services


 Building sustainable Reward practices in Africa going forward
Paolo Cuicci - Regional Head of Reward, British American Tobacco (Holdings) Ltd 


Thursday 11 October 2012
Lessons from the cutting edge of reward science - The unexplored competitive advantage - Andrew Sykes, Work Wellness Actuaries, Chicago
The role of legends in today’s reward landscape - Peet Kruger, RP Consulting
Transforming remuneration data into critical insights using Excel Dashboards - Dianne Auld, Pick ‘n Pay
Sales Incentive Schemes - A recipe to remain relevant & avoiding the pitfalls - Envor Moos, VASDEX Associates and Outcomes Based Remuneration (OBR) Luchaan Zeelie, First National Bank
Make employee benefits more rewarding! - James Hine, Eluleka Consulting Transforming remuneration

Friday 12 October 2012
Golden principles of reward that have withstood the test of time - Maureen Hovy, Cisco Systems, Australia
True Cultural Change: Moving from base pay to incentive rewards in a financial services company - John Rubino, Rubino Consulting Services, New York
Disproportionate income inequality and wage gaps lead to sick societies - Ian McGorian and Mark Bussin, 21st Century Pay Solutions
Productivity in South Africa: Is reward management part of the problem or part of the solution? - Kirk Kruger, Kirk Kruger Remuneration Consulting
Executive Remuneration: How the economic trends have impacted on executive remuneration and what the future holds - Laurence Grubb, Khokhela Consulting and Legends of Reward conference South African reward and pay trends in context by Mike Schüssler,
Performance versus retention – which one should you pay for? Or should it be both? - Sue Tosh, Standard Bank and Ronel Nienaber, Sasol
The evolution of rewards - Nicolene de Beer, First National Bank


Wednesday 26 October 2011
Remuneration Committee
Dobermans or Spaniels – Theo Botha

Rewards Think Tank

Attract & retain
Attract and Retention Initiatives
Attraction and retention factors
Talent Identification Process at FNB - Nicolene de Beer, Head of Reward, FNB
Attract and Retention Initiatives Workshop - Ronel Nienaber

Thursday 27 October 2011

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: “The new normal in Rewards” - Anne Ruddy, President of WorldatWork, USA
The Total Rewards Concept: Getting from Theory to Practice - Arthur Sika, Ernst & Young
Real issues in Employee BenefitsJoanna Legutko, Jacques Malan Consultants and Actuaries and Reg Magennis – EOH Health
Reward and Remuneration Challenges in the Public Service and State Owned Enterprises - Riah Phiyega, Chairperson of the Presidential State Owned Enterprises Review Committee
Expat Remuneration from Opposite sides of the ring - The different Methodologies used in Expatriate Remuneration
 - Nazlie Samodien, Ericsson
 - Anesa Naidoo, Sasol
 - Linkie Bahula, Vodacom

Friday 28 October 2011
Changing the Game – Reward Scenarios for Foxy Thinkers - Chantell Ilbury
How the World's Most Admired Companies have adapted to the changing economic climate in terms of reward, motivation and innovation. - Shaun Barnes, Haygroup
Increasing the impact of pay through manager involvement - Nicolene de Beer, First National Bank
Global Work Life Initiatives: The latest and greatest from around the world. - John A. Rubino, Rubino Consulting Services (RCS)
New Research on Compensation Change Management Processes - Lynne Mayers, Corporate Leadership Council

IML Keypad Questionnaire Feedback


Day 1

 The importance of and Revisiting of Group Risk Benefit Strategies - Cornelius du Plessis (927K)
 Self funding rewards & recognition options - Steven Levey (1.5M)
 Long Term Trends in SA - JP Landman (682K)
 Lessons learnt in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis of Financial Services Remuneration - Brendan Olivier (1.9M)
 Impact of Dual Careers - Susan Musich (8M)
 Global Policy for International Secondees – Sasol - Anesa Naidoo (1.2M)

Day 2

 The five elements of life - John Rubino (1.1M)
 South Africa - The most unequal society in the world - Patrick Craven (316K)
 Short term incentives, production bonuses and sales schemes - Laurence Grubb (1.8M)
 Reward Employee Engagement & Customers - Barry Coltham (3.1M)
 Return On Investment - Delivering Value on Remuneration Structuring - Jerry Botha (314K)
 Results of local and international research on sales compensation practices - Dianne Auld (1.5M)
 Research findings of a doctorate thesis on the ROI of incentive schemes in SA - Lukas de Swardt (1.4M)
 Optimising the ROI of your Remuneration offering - Peet Kruger (510K)
 Inspire the Spirit of Employees through Flexible working arrangements - Kathy Pillay, Chrisilla Kohary & Norma Mayimela (1.3M)
 IML - Results (446K)
 Global trends, practices and case studies in paying for performance - Michal Kisilivetz (251K)
 Emotional Spend - Linda McMullin (20K)
 Conversations That Count Integrated Talent Management - Carol Hondonga (596K)
 Changing the way we learn to make Reward decisions and being Compliant – A Case Study -  (781K)

Total Reward Toolkit

 The Total Rewards Model How To Make It Work For You And Your Organization - John Rubino (1M)
 SARA Total Rewards TOOLKIT (862K)
 Flip - A collection of photo's of the flip charts created by the presenter during the Total Reward Workshop

Future focus

 The impact of retirement reform on employee benefits - Willem Loots(1.8M)
 Corporate governance and executive remuneration – a local and global perspective - Nia Davies (1.3M)


 If You’re Not Growing You’re Dying - David Molapo (329K)