The South African Reward Association

SARA calls on potential Host Companies to host the 2021 interns

SARA's highly successful Internship Programme will commence in February 2021 and is due to end on 31 July 2021. With this in mind we are looking for organisations to host the four interns. Potential host organisations can host the interns from a few days to two weeks to expose them to reward practices in your organisation.

The learning curriculum is as follows:

Remuneration policy and strategy
Overview of what this is and how to develop it

Basic pay
Job Evaluation
The different Job Evaluation systems in the market and how they work
Overview of how to write up role profiles
Introduction to Broad-banding
Exploring why companies use Broad-banding
Salary structuring
The principles of salary structuring including pay scale design
Some technical practice in salary structuring
Tax and Total Package
What Total Package is
How Total Package works

Short term incentives and variable pay
Incentive scheme design
The principles of incentive scheme design
Variable pay
What variable pay is
Understanding the remuneration mix

Long term incentives
What the LTI options open to South Africans are
What the essence is of the tax and accounting changes

Remuneration committees
Remuneration committees and the board
Roles of the CEO, Remuneration Manager and HR Director

International mobility
Types of assignments
Remuneration methods

If you would be interested in participating please complete this form and contact Yolanda Sedlmaier on 082 942 0742 to advise her as to which aspect of the curriculum you would like to provide exposure to the interns.

We look forward to hearing from you.

SARA Intern Committee