The South African Reward Association

SARA Bursary Programme

In 2007, SARA introduced a Bursary scheme with the intention to financially assist SARA members to complete their Master’s or Doctorate degrees. Annually two to three bursaries are awarded to promising research proposals. The completed research material is published on SARA’s website to the benefit of all members. The criteria for considering applications for bursaries include:

  • SARA Membership.
  • An Honours degree as a minimum qualification
  • Applicants should already be accepted for a Master’s or Doctoral qualification by an accredited university with an approved research proposal.
  • The primary research question should be in the ambit of reward management.
  • The candidate should be committed to continuing to invest in remuneration as a profession.

Selection criteria for the SARA Bursary:

The applicant must be a paid-up member of SARA.

The applicant needs to have an honours/PDM for Masters or a Masters for a Doctorate.

Students should already be registered with an approved institution with formal acceptance of their research proposal. The Bursary is primarily aimed at those whose studies will contribute to promoting and developing the reward profession in Africa.

The primary research question should be within the ambit of reward management, or at least HR Management with a focus on reward management.  Therefore, the research topic should be relevant to the reward environment and add to the existing base of knowledge and methodologies.

The candidate should be committed to continuing to invest in remuneration as a profession.

Planned research must be completed within three years from receiving the bursary and formal feedback in the form of a presentation to the SARA membership, as well as a copy of the research document must be made available to SARA for inclusion in its existing body of research.   Please click here for research topic ideas.

SARA is under no obligation to grant the bursary if it feels in the discretion of the executive committee, that the applications do not significantly contribute to the discipline of Reward management within Africa.

Bursary Application Form

The application form for SARA selection purposes needs to be completed and forwarded to the SARA Secretariat at with a copy of the approved research proposal submitted to the university.