SARA Accredited Training Courses


Title of Course/Programme


21st Century

Paterson Job Evaluation

This course would enable the delegate to be able to interpret the fundamental principles of Job Evaluation and at the same time equip the candidate to undertake the evaluation of jobs utilising Paterson Job Evaluation methodology.

21st Century

Job Profile Writing – Doing it Right

The job profiling course will equip learners with the necessary skills to write clear and concise job profiles that could be utilized as the base document for performance contracts, job evaluation, salary surveys, succession planning, training and development.

21st Century

Remuneration for HR – A Complete Study on the Remuneration Framework

To better understand the role of remuneration in the organisation and best practices in this regard. This course will form the foundation for further specialisation into the various aspects of remuneration.

21st Century

Performance Management- Developing a Successful Performance Management Framework

The course is aimed at giving managers a practical understanding of performance management so that it adds value in their jobs. There is a mix of theory, discussions and practical illustrations of how performance management can be successfully implemented.

Synntech People Solutions

Understanding Employee Rewards

The purpose is to equip line managers and/or HR practitioners/business partners with the practical knowledge, skills and abilities to manage the Employee Rewards according to their company’s Total Reward strategy and philosophy.

21st Century

Short Term Incentive Scheme Design

The course will address the attraction of variable pay, the link to “pay at risk” and some implementation considerations. You will leave with the knowledge and understanding of the mechanics and underlying principles and rules that are required to design effective schemes.

21st Century

Total Reward Strategy and Policy

This course will offer you practical application and instruction in how to design a remuneration strategy and policy for your organisation. You will learn the best practice principles of remuneration strategy and policy design, learn how to convert “best practice” into “best fit” for your organisation.

21st Century

Career Paths and Succession Planning

In order to achieve its goals, organisations need to enable the individual to achieve his/her personal objectives. Aligning these personal objectives with the organisational objectives can be assisted by the careful planning and managing career paths and succession.

21st Century

Remuneration Committees

The course is aimed at giving managers a practical understanding of remuneration committees so that it adds value in their jobs. There is a mix of theory, discussions and practical illustrations.

21st Century

Employee Engagement

This course will assist you in engaging your workforce. You will learn the best practice principles of engagement strategy design, and will be challenged in a practical way to convert “best practice” into “best fit” for your organisation.

21st Century

Effective Pay Management

The course will offer you practical solutions and an opportunity to practice what has been taught … bring your laptop and we will work on excel on a live case study.  You will walk away with the theory and the practice of pay analysis, and understanding and interpreting salary surveys.

21st Century

Advanced Excel for HR

This course is ideal for reward practitioners who are involved in detailed data analysis. The purpose would be to discover the power of excel in assisting in the time-consuming ‘number-crunching’

Emergence Human Capital

Job Profiling

The ability to define accurate work design for both current and future roles is essential to creating a structure than can achieve organisational objectives. Our accredited 1-day Job Profiling course ensures that you can skilfully and consistently develop accurate job profiles that support all HR processes. This course is both theoretical and practical, and is typically attended by anyone that reviews, develops, or interprets the various elements of organisational development.

Emergence Human Capital

Job Evaluation

Job evaluation underpins good practice from three perspectives: 1. HR; 2. Reward; and 3. Relevant legislation. It is the systematic process of determining the worth of one job in relation to that of other jobs in an organisation. Our accredited 2-day Paterson Job Evaluation course is typically attended by those that require both theoretical and practical understanding of the Paterson method. By completing this course, you will be able to conduct consistent and accurate job evaluations for your organisation.

Averile Ryder Global Reward Specialists

How to write job descriptions, develop job families, use, standardise and carry out job title audits

This one day online or in person training session will provide you with the knowledge and step-by-step skills practices on how to carry out job description interviews, develop job descriptions ensuring that there is no overlap in job responsibilities and ideal job holder specifications,   based on global best practice.  In addition, you will be provided with the knowledge and examples of how to develop job families and use, standardise and carry out job title audits in your organisation.