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Excel Power Query - your new BFF with Dianne Auld (17 June 2020)

GET ready to TRANSFORM your life! A game changer for Remuneration Professionals!

Join International Excel Guru, Dianne Auld (Master Reward Specialist), as she demonstrates one of the smartest and most powerful tools ever developed for Excel.

Power Query comes standard with Excel 2016 / 2019 / Office 365, and is available as an add-in to Excel 2010 / 2013. 

It can automate routine data transformation (e.g. merging / splitting / removing columns, filtering data, replacing data, rounding, sorting, converting text to numbers and dates). It does this without using macros and VBA, and with very limited use of formulas.  Almost all the transformation is done through the simple use of a menu and a mouse.

It can merge and transform multiple files in a folder, then add / transform another file from the folder simply by clicking Refresh.  It can scrape data from web tables, transform the data for use in an Excel file, then update it with a single click.