Excel Masterclass - Recording, Running & Writing Macros with Dianne Auld

Are you finding that untold hours and effort are spent, every week or month, on repetitive tasks/steps associated with updating your pay data in Excel? Macros have the potential to transform your life by automating these repetitive tasks/steps, and saving you hours of time and effort.

In this Excel Masterclass for advanced Excel users, Dianne will show you how to record them, run them and edit them to get the macro to run on every worksheet, and empower you to write some simple macros from scratch using variables, operators, messages and input boxes, conditional structures and loops.

Dianne will cover items such as:
•    Enabling the Developer menu in Excel to work with macros;
•    Optimal macro security settings;
•    Recording of macros to automate repetitive tasks/steps;
•    Running macros using key strokes or by assigning them to a shape;
•    Editing and debugging macros;
•    How to work with the Visual Basic editor to write simple macros from sratch;
•    The use of input and message boxes to get user input; and
•    Applying conditional structures and looping structures in macros.

Delegates will be provided with the session recording, Excel spreadsheets demonstrated and detailed instructions after the session. In this way, delegates can focus on Dianne’s demonstration and explanation of the methodology during the Masterclass, and then replicate the demonstrated functionality with their own data after the class. Additional Excel file will also be provided covering alternative conditional and looping structures not covered in the class, with explanations of the code structure and example macros.

After this course delegates should feel confident enough to record, run, edit and write simple macros to automate repetitive Reward work with one click!

Date: 16 September 2021
Presenter: Dianne Auld 
Time: 09:00 – 11:30
Venue: Your PC (Via Zoom)
Cost: SARA Paid-Up members: R975 / Non-members: R1 975 


To ensure the session is as interactive and focussed as possible for the delegates, there is a limited number of seats available.

A link for this workshop will be sent to you via email on the afternoon of 15 September 2021.


About our Presenter 

Dianne Auld is the founding member of Auld Compensation Consulting, an honorary life member of SARA, a SARA GRP and AGRP faculty member, a member of SARA’s Western Cape Committee and a designated Master Reward Specialist.

She consults globally across all areas of reward and runs a wide range of reward training courses. She is renowned for her Excel Tips columns, and for conducting advanced Excel skills training for compensation professionals across four continents.

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