GRP Recertification

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Apply for recertification or check the status of your designation(s).

Participating in the Recertification Program provides special recognition for certified professionals who continue their efforts to remain abreast of emerging technologies and developments in the field. The Recertification Program further enhances the credibility of the Certified Compensation Professional, Certified Benefits Professional, Global Remuneration Professional or Work-Life Certified Professional designation(s) by encouraging professional development and educational pursuits beyond the initial examination requirements. The Recertification Program is voluntary.

If you have earned one or more designations, you will need to file only one Recertification Application indicating the 12 required credits every three years to maintain your certification. Once your application is approved, your "current to" date will be updated to the next three years. If you have more than one designation, your "current to" dates will be synchronized.

Benefits of Recertification 

Maintaining the currency of the CCP®, CBP, GRP® or WLCP® designations helps compensation, benefits and global remuneration practitioners in their efforts to:

  • Validate and enrich their knowledge of compensation, benefits and global remuneration management strategies, theories and techniques
  • Strengthen their competitive positions in the job market and expand their career opportunities
  • Gain increased respect among their professional colleagues
  • Elevate the role of benefits, compensation and global remuneration practices within their organizations and enhance the credibility of the profession.

The Recertification Program reflects our ongoing commitment to:

  • Advance the profession
  • Integrate the essential bodies of knowledge that constitute the profession into a formal, sequenced program of study and provide state-of-the-art updates for practitioners
  • Provide an internationally respected credential to distinguish individuals who demonstrate proficiency and provide a vehicle for recognizing participation in professional development activities beyond the initial CCP, CBP or GRP course sequence.

CCP, CBP, GRP or WLCP Recertification 

To maintain certification, a CCP, CBP, GRP or WLCP must earn 12 Recertification credits every three years. These credits are earned through a variety of professional development activities, such as:

  • Membership in professional organizations (including WorldatWork)
  • Conference attendance/participation
  • Leadership within the association
  • Education program/course/seminar and symposium participation
  • Teaching/presenting/speaking/writing
  • Projects completed on the job.

Application Guidelines 

12 Credits Required 

Participation in the Recertification Program is voluntary. Those who choose to maintain their certification must accumulate 12 credits every three years and file a completed Recertification Application online. The recertification tool will automatically submit your application within 30 days of your designation expiration if you have reached the 12 credit recertification threshold.

When to File 

A Recertification Application form should be filed on the "current to" date noted on your CCP, CBP, GRP or WLCP certificate. If you have earned two or more designations, you will only need to file one Recertification Application every three years. This form needs to include those events in which you've participated in the past three years. After your application has been received and approved, you will receive a new certificate that indicates you are current for an additional three years. Additionally, your complimentary Society membership will be extended to coincide with your certification status. At the end of your current designation period, you will be eligible to begin accruing credit toward your next recertification.

Once earned, the CCP, CBP, GRP or WLCP designation(s) remains part of your transcript record. WorldatWork Society of Certified Professionals will respond appropriately to specific inquiries regarding an individual's recertification status. Certifications that are not maintained by filing an application according to the suggested schedule are considered not up to date until the Recertification Application has been filed and approved.

Headquarters Record Keeping 

WorldatWork global headquarters can provide participants with assistance in completing the form. WorldatWork maintains a record of WorldatWork-sponsored activities.

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Apply for recertification or check the status of your designation(s).