Applied Global Remuneration Strategies (AGRS)ᵀᴹ

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HR professionals must know how to navigate the challenges and complexities to effectively compensate a global workforce. This advanced critical thinking course takes a deep dive into global remuneration perspectives and the global drivers that impact rewards strategies.


Designed for professionals who are responsible for compensating a large business that may or may not be a multinational workforce and understand base concepts of Total Rewards but want to deepen their global perspective.

This 3 day online course includes 10 learning modules: 

  • Global Mega Trends and the Future of Work
  • Business Strategy and Remuneration Policy
  • Governance/Compliance Reporting
  • Evidence-Based Reward Management
  • Fixed Pay
  • Performance Related Pay
  • Variable Pay and Incentive Design
  • Sales Compensation
  • Executive and Non-Executive Director Compensation
  • International Assignment Renumeration
  • Employee Value Proposition(EVP) and Communication


  • Identify the top Global Mega Trends and its impact on Total Rewards and HR.
  • Develop a Total Rewards strategy considering top HR and Rewards trends.
  • Demonstrate evidence-based management and proficiency with data.
  • Explain the reward/pay philosophy and discuss the implication of governance frameworks on those policies.
  • Discuss job evaluation methods.
  • Discuss performance related pay and design considerations of an incentive scheme.
  • Explain the design components of a total compensation strategy for sales force employees.
  • Explore guidelines for setting CEO and executive pay.
  • Name the approaches to international assignment remuneration and explain the international assignment calculation.
  • Discuss today’s world of transparency and communication of the employee value proposition.

The course is only available to those that have already earned their GRP designation.

Additional courses will be scheduled based on demand.

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